Hello Li & Lu The Jujubes

Last winter we planted two jujube trees one li and one lu. This summer they showed us who they are, they even produced a couple of small sweet fruits. They are lovely and we are excited about finding ways to eat their candy like fruit. I'm looking forward seeing them as a hedge like wall in the future, a mini jungle if you can imagine it in a desert. They are known for being prolific growth and for spawning lots of babies. They'er off to a great start. 


Cindy said...

I planted my two jujube trees this spring. Even with drip irrigation, in the merciless South Texas heat this summer, they haven't grown much. I hope that they will do better next summer. Any tips?

Mikey Sklar said...

Hey Cindy,

Our juju's had a funny irrigation setup. One was on irrigation being watered twice a day for 15 minutes during each session. It grew beautiful fruit. The other was being hand watered and the fruit is dried out. The height is also reduced. My experience is water them frequently our growth was limited by how much water we gave them.