I learned a lesson recently when a huge wide mouth jar of coriander seed molded. Although it appeared dry, it was not dry enough. Today, rather than bottle a batch of freshly dried holy basil after drying it in an outdoor solar dehydrator, I made this screen pouch and clipped it to a willow latter that I made for vines to grow on. It's in a particularly breezy spot. I'll keep it here for a couple more days before storing.


Killbox said...

just an off the cuff suggestion, but perhaps a toasted rice sachet might be a good thing for the dried herb jars.

rice with the water baked out works alot like those silicagel packets but not as bad for someone to accidentally eat!

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

do you mean putting a little packet of baked rice in the jar? hummm nice idea

charlie b. said...

Great idea for drying, the hanging screen pouch... I had mold problems before, although it was using ziplock bags. Bags (and jars) are non-breathable and seal in any moisture. A second idea: reconstructing used envelopes into seed packets. Actually just yesterday I posted on this for collected seed (http://mixingcreative.blogspot.com/). Photos show a regular-sized envelope, but it’d work for larger envelopes too.