Time Slur

I am tempted to report that all hell has broken loose, after all I've been waiting for the moment to do so for a long time. It will come. And when it does small talk will end. I left New Mexico on Tuesday.  If not for Mikey swearing that life back there is entirely normal, mundane, just as I left it, I would tell you that this is the moment I'd been waiting for.  But not yet.

The first 12 hours of my trip to NY... 
* Drive to airport with friend who's putting mother in law with dementia on plane to meet unwilling children in Hawaii and move in with them. 
* Catch my flight. Land to switch planes in Chicago. Learn of east coast earth quake, largest in 100 years.
* Connecting fight brings me to Albany and the immediate news of a coming hurricane due to hit entire eastern seaboard
* Text message arrives, friend who's set to pick me up at Albany airport had heart attack, is not coming
* Text message arrives:  friend who I am due to stay with in Brooklyn's mother had stroke, wont be returning from Washington to host me
* Text message arrives: other friend who I am due to stay with in Brooklyn is being evacuated due to hurricane
* I remember that the last time I left NYC for an extended period I returned just a few hours before the twin towers blew up
* Made mental note: hold on! 

To be continued. . . 


Jody said...

so dear Wendy "where r u dearie"?

Mikey Sklar said...


She is in upstate New York (New Lebanon) at the moment waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit.

Brian Many Wheels said...

Did you realize it was going to be such an adventure?????
Be safe and stay in the moment...

David DAwdy said...

and her friend fully recovered from the heart...re-considering everything in his life...diet first...and the sun is threatening to re-appear over the Taconic range....and her friend was sooo happy to see her!--Me