Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser by mikeysklar
Storm Chaser, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.

Woke up and decided to rack our long overdue kombucha. Just before closing the bottles I added a tablespoon of pure prickly pear. Then all the bottles were placed in a 5 gallon bucket incase another one blows up.

After sitting at a desk working on a circuit board all afternoon I convinced Sesame to ride the lightning. We jumped in the grease car and went to Elephant Butte to enjoy the storms coming in from all directions. When we got home the storm intensified to the point of constant lightening as if a strobe light were on. We got a inch of rainfall in one hour.

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Starsquid said...

One inch. Not much but that should at least help a touch with the dry spell.

charlie b. said...

Great photo! Glad you got a good rainfall. I called our friend/neighbor up in Guadalupita yesterday, and she said the clouds were coming in, so I hope she got some of that rain.

Love your blog, btw. You guys provide such interesting, helpful information. I’ve wondered how the chest fridge has worked out. We’re thinking of doing this freezer conversion in the future.

Mikey Sklar said...

@charlie B:

The storms have been hitting more frequently and harder this month than the rest of the year. We picked a nice 1" of rain two days ago.

Chest fridge is still running great. Our primary conversino we usein the kitchen has been running for over a year with no issues. I've also sold quite a few kits to other folks. It still beats any energy star module.

Good luck with your move to NM.

Garnet said...

Nice photo. When do the rains/storms generally stop in that area? We're thinking of taking our RVbus to NM for a tour of the state, but would rather miss out on the rain. Seen enough here in the PNW where we're touring :)