Multipass CNC Milling

Multipass CNC Milling by mikeysklar
Multipass CNC Milling, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.

I've been thinking about how to reduce the time it takes for me to CNC hard materials like plexiglass and copper circuit boards. My latest approach is to pull my designs from gEDA/PCB into Inkscape and generate a gcode file which does multiple passes. The idea is to do 1/100th of a inch passes one after the other rather than have me manually re-run the file. I'm still manually editing the gcode file to make sure it does logical things like cut out the object from the material last and do all the small internal cuts first.

Multipass CNC Milling #2Multipass CNC Milling #3


e said...

You should check out Visual Mill by MecSoft. They have some powerful software (for not a lot of money, some for free) that could help you out. Joe (owner) and his crew are good people.

Mikey Sklar said...

e - Their software looks interesting. Is it windows only?