Look Who Got an Elizabethan Collar

Oh boy. . .   we were back at the vet in Las Cruces today. It seems nothing can heal when it's being scratched at ferociously. Sesame has progressed to the elizabethan collar, optical antibiotics and an anti inflammatory.
This has been a most interesting back n forth between natural and traditional medicine. Tradition is taking the lead for acute symptoms while herbal remedies will likely lead for for the longer term systemic side of the story. And sorry friends about all the dog posts.  When the loved pets are sick everything else seems to matter a whole lot less. Prickly tuna's can be picked another day.


Andrew Hunt said...

Hello Wendy,

Hope your pup feels better!

I am curious if you know of any potential homeopathic treatments for hypothyroidism?

Bosque said...

Sesame is a fortunate dog to have such caring owners. :) I'll be happy to see the post that says your dog is at 100%. cheers.

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

sorry andrew. . . i dont really know much at all about homeopathy. anything I try is coming from others who do.

Andrew Hunt said...

All right, thanks Wendy.

morgaineotm said...

You are finding out one of the "attractions" of modern medicine - its speed. Antibiotics can ease the suffering in days, that will take weeks by other more natural process. We might be able to endure, but we don't want our pets or children to have to suffer.

Regarding hypothyroidism: Depending on the WHY of having the condition, there is unlikely any other alternative but replacing the hormone. If it is Hashimoto's disease (my problem), finding the cause of the auto-immune reaction will help. But once the thyroid no longer produces its hormones, a very necessary part of our body's chemical balance, replacement is about the only choice. Glandulars are available. Tried for years to do it by other methods and finally became such a B**** that I coudln't even stand myself!! And now have pre-cancerous nodules in my thyroid.