Loofa Party

Loofa Party by mikeysklar
Loofa Party, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.

Our loofa is coming in and it is bigger than ever. I pulled a pair of the 18" long loofas today and tossed them in the drying rack. This is the start of a long and sort of tricky process. In the end we will end up with abrasive sponges. I'll post more about the drying process as it progresses.

Loofa Party #2Loofa Party #3


morgaineotm said...

Look forward to this. Am planning on growing Loofa next year, your info would be appreciated.

Natalie said...

Oh brill! I am also planning on growing them next year (the potential for combining them with knitting, sewing or crochet is good!) so any information will be useful to me too :D thanks in advance!