How to Get Things Done

People often write to us asking, "how do you get so much done?"  There are a few ways to answer this. All would be incomplete without the reminder that we made a labor-heavy life for ourselves and it demands getting things done otherwise we'd have to go get a 'traditional' job which we're not willing to do. Here are a few more answers. . .

There is truth in the saying, "If you want something done give it to a busy person." Things in motion stay in motion. Be busy.

We have more time than most people because we don't commute anywhere.

Sometimes we drink heroic doses of caffeinated beverages, specifically coffee and tea. Of late I'm enjoying the plant stimulant rhodiola. We often enjoy the ephedra plant that we harvest locally.

It's important to learn get past the need to like the thing your doing. This way you can get to know the state of "doing." Any love we have for doing one thing over another is acculturated learning. We can love doing for doing sake. And we ought to experience this before we choose to do the things we love to so that when we do we can enter into what can only be described as pure joy. There is a saying, "Whatever we wish to know well we must first love." Love is an attractive force, it brings things to us. What I am suggesting that we add to that is that we first find love in everything we do.

Today I will share one more strategy for getting things done. Do you see the picture of my desk posted here? I did not stage this shot. My desk looks like this all the time. I never ever let a pile of things build up on it, not even a list of undone to do items. One must live their life as a screen door that lets the breeze move through it with out any effort. There is no pile of leaves built up at it's base blocking the air flow. Clutter out crowds newness and space is a container for creativity, good ideas, gifts, movement, surprises and all sorts of other things.

Consider for a moment our biology. The atom is there and then it is not, it exists only in as much as it is nonexistent. It's condition is flicker. Our lives must in some way reflect what we are essentially made of. We are material and other. We can concretize and we do when we make things and ideas, we ground things in matter. But to have an inspiration to ground we must be spacious and formless. So go clean your desk!


: Joseph j7uy5 said...

Please note, if you didn't happen to know this already, that rhodiola is thought to act as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, perhaps similar to St. John's wort. This is generally OK, but there is a potential for interaction with ephedra. I'm sure you will immediately Google "ephedra monoamine oxidase inhibitor"

Just check your pulse and blood pressure if you happen to use the two together.

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

thank you for this note. in our case mikey likes ephedra and me rhodiola. so the two never mix in the same person. I will enjoy learning more about this interaction. many thanks for sharing your knowledge. : )

Bosque said...

In our case, our desks are a huge mess. But we tend to get an extreme amount of stuff done... One of us can't actually function in a clean environment.

(I wouldn't mind a neat desk, though)

cheers to many ways of doing stuff!