The How in the How To: CNC'ing a Stencil

In creating our new Eat Mesquite product we had to figure out a few things in order to home manufacture. I want to quickly share how we used our CNC machine to create the stencil for the packaging.

I provided Mikey with the art and he ran it on the CNC using a v shaped carving bit. We carved the image into mat board, the kind you use for picture framing. It was free, scraps at the frame shop. The CNC did three passes to complete it. What took the most time was doing a million revisions of the art to arrive at an image that had fat enough lines without compromising design.


Teri said...

You guys are doing what I always wanted to do - be self sufficient. Now I am a widow and still have the dream. I have a small RV and I'm going travel the country looking for a small piece of land to build my dream on.

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

Well. . we're trying to be sovereign. But what I keep bumping up against is that we can be only to a degree. There are fundamental things that prevent total independence like taxes and the fact that we can each have only so much expertise. In other words, we'll always need each other. Best of luck on that dream. I have a feeling you'll make some of it come true.