Frustrated with the IRS

Frustrated with the IRS by mikeysklar
Frustrated with the IRS, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.
I've been asked by the IRS to hand in the paperwork for my overdue taxes. While I was filling out the forms I kept wondering, "where are the credits for CO2 footprint?" There are energy credits  but they are too narrow for most people to benefit and the credits have almost nothing to do with CO2. They really invite people to buy more crap. For example they ask, "Do you have a hybrid vehicle?" And then they go on to state they only credit electric hybrids. Well what about my grease conversion car that runs on diesel, biodiesel or straight veggie oil? Or my 100% electric vehicle that is powered by our solar system? How bout the Beetle I make home made bio for that gets 50mpg? None of these count.

If I were to write my own tax form the questions would look something like this:

Do you have a garden? (yes) (no)
If so, how many square feet?
What percentage of your food do you grow?
Send us some photos of your garden
If you grow 25% or more of your food your are elgible for a credit.

Do you have a alternative vehicle?
What type is it (electric / wvo / biodiesel / ethanol / steam / pedal powered / something innovative)
Are you able to achieve over 50 mpg?
If so, the IRS would like to credit you for every mile you have driven by paying a percentage of your fuel costs.

Do you harvest rain or grey water?
How many gallons?
The IRS can offer you a money per gallon of capacity for every year.

Do you have a PV solar system?
If so, the IRS would like to offer you a $1 per installed watt (eg. 2kW == $2,000 a year) for every year it is running.
What percentage of your electricity usage does it cover?
Did you install it yourself?
If so, the IRS would like to offer you $500 for the first year and $100 for maintaining it yourself.

Did you build a building with your own hands?
If so, the IRS would like to offer you a $1 per square foot for every year that it is in use.
Does the building require heating or cooling beyond what it can generate on-site?
If so, there is a $1 a year per square foot penalty for not being self sufficient.


morgaineotm said...

Love your ideas, but do be careful about claiming to make your own bio-diesel fuel. Some states (and with the need for $$ going up! the FEDS might join this group), want you to get a permit/license for producing fuel! Just like the big corp. refineries. Unlike liquor, where you can make xx amount, any fuel is equivalent to a big refinery's output!!
Have noticed myself the disparity of communities needing $$, finding new ways to tax individuals, and at the same time, reducing individuals abililty to make the same.
Oh yeah, thanks for all the good info you share regularly. am looking forward to creating some mesquite sweetener this year.

Maxcactus said...

Mikey, virtue is it's own reward.

Laura Anne said...

maybe they'll start listening~

make a petition and I'd sign it, i think you have a wonderful idea.