Friends, I have an important announcement. Mondays don't suck. We have been listening to The Carpenters. Rainy Day's and Monday's Always Get Me Down is stuck on the tongue here. Mikey will whistle it or I will hum it and activate the loop cycle one gets stuck in when a tune gets glued in in the head. It's not so bad really. I love the innocence of The Carpenters and Karen's voice is unmatched in pop history. All this has reminded me to remind you that there is nothing wrong with Mondays aside from the fact that they represent the start of a week of working for someone other than oneself. But of course that is a choice. Once your no longer in that particular rut Mondays are quite lovely.

PS: It is Monday and it is raining and Mikey just served me a gigantic blackened marshmallow on a plate.


Isabel said...

"Like!" :)

morgaineotm said...

Mondays are good here too. Our paid helper is off, and we've usually worked Saturday to clean up the odds and ends not finished last week. So Sunday and Monday are sort of our weekends.