Uh oh...April Freeze

Uh oh...April Freeze
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Early this week I started tracking a cold front scheduled for this weekend. It threatened temperatures dangerously close to freezing. Now we are in the middle of that front and it looks like we will hit 29F tonight. This is a big deal. Some of our fruit trees have delicate blossoms. Wendy and I did a quick assessment of all of our fruit trees and decided that our pear and cherry tree were at high risk so we wrapped them with agriculture warming blankets. The rest of our fruit trees are behind and so have minimal blossoms (the apples). Other trees are safe simply because they are in the fruit stage (peaches and apricots) and no longer have sensitive blossoms. We should only be below freezing for 2 hours and so we could make it through the night with minimal crop loss. Fingers crossed.

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Muddome said...

Hope everything worked out, and you didn't suffer from the freeze. I sure wish we had as many fruit trees as you do.