North Wind Preparations

North Wind Preparations
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It's another windy day in TorC. Gusts are expected up to 60 mph. I went out this morning and took down our shade cloth over our porch and confirmed that the solar panels were tightened down. The part of the
forecast that concerns me the most is the 30 mph northwest winds anticipated for this evening. That is a big deal because those winds get right behind the solar panels. Mental Note: When you setup a PV
solar system do not use top of pole mounts if at all possible. Ground bases systems are inexpensive, easy to maintain and will not fall on your home.

North Wind Preparations #2


Matthew said...

why not roof mounted?

Mikey Sklar said...

We live in a 40 year old trailer that we remodeled. I don't trust the roof on that structure. I would still prefer ground mount on future installs. They could be raised a few feet, but nothing above eye level.

Mikey C said...

How high up are they on your poles? I think in NW Montana where I live the pole mounted type would be better so that they stay above the snow in the winter, plus we really don't get much wind usually. A 30mph gust is big for us.

Mikey Sklar said...

@Mikey C: These panels are 12' off the ground. I imagine you don't get that much snow up there. Keep in mind you would still have to clean the snow off the panels on a regular basis.