Irrigation - The Never Ending Story

Irrigation - The Never Ending Story
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We are always complaining about shoveling. Every project seems to need a hole or a trench dug by hand. Well I'd like to take a moment to complain about plumbing. Nothing requires more digging than running our irrigation lines. At the moment we have six zones in for our irrigation system (each one with it's own solenoid). We still need two more zones to get out of the hand watering business. Lot's more digging ahead to get those last two zones in place.


Matthew said...

yes. digging is a hassle. ive done numberous irrigation systems. i've had to dig for my vineyard irrigation lines. i used tubes and microtubing above ground to get to the plants. then, connected to the pvc you have pictured. the hard part was digging 500 holes 12 in. deep by 12 in. wide. But we used an augur. but the microtubing I like the best since I can control water on a plant-by-plant basis.


There's an adapter that goes on a chainsaw that digs a two inch trench...you might look into that. Love, Amin