Day of the Radish

It's shocking how many radishes are ready in our garden. The pic above is 15 oz, probably 1/10th of what I've grown. I figure I better just start cooking and preparing it any way I can.  Here are a couple of the better dishes. Tomorrow I'm going for baked radish chips.

8oz radish made into long thing slivers
zest of a lemon plus it's juice
zest of an orange plus it's juice (i also used orange powder)
2 tablespoon brown sugar
bit of salt and pepper

Put all into frying pan and fill with water till nearly covered. Boil then reduce to a simmer for 30 min as the water evaporates off. When it's syrupy it's done.

We'll use this relish on a smoked tofu sandwich with steamed carrots.
10 oz any asian noodle (I used egg) cooked then put in the fridge
10 oz quartered radishes put in fridge
1/2 cucumber skinned, seeded and diced put in the fridge
a hour later mix up: equal parts (about 2 tablespoon) soy, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar.

In a serving dish lay down a sprinkle of black sesame seed, then a bit of radish and cucumber then noodle and continue like this to make about 3 layers. Drizzle dressing over top. Garnish with fresh celantro.

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monika said...

I use radishes in a pico de gallo recipe that a mexican woman who runs the store "mexican grocery" in seattle once gave to me. roma tomatos, radishes, jalapeno, garlic powder, onion, lime juice, salt. i think that's it. a little fresh garlic if you like. i think that it is. the radishes really make it extra refreshing in the hot months without changing the temperature or taste (like onions or something else with a stronger taste might). just thought i'd pass it on.