Ants = Aphids

I'm finally ahead of the ants! And since ants bring aphids I'm a bit ahead of them too. When I see that the ants have moved onto a plant, evidenced by them walking up and down the stems, I simply clear away the leaves around the stem where it meets the soil and glob some Tanglefoot on the stem just above the soil line. Tanglefoot is a waxy sticky mix of goop that they can not cross because their feet get stuck to it. Next thing ya know they're marching off to find another place to live.


jared said...

Have you tried Diatomaceous earth? It works on anything with an exoskeleton... quite well in my use

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

you know i have not tried diatomaceous earth. I guess because I have already tried other fine particulate things like cinnamon.

I think I will try it though. thanks for the reminder.

Patricio said...

Believe it or not, ants actually herd and protect aphids in order to harvest the honeydew produced by the aphids.
I don't know if they bring aphids to a plant, or just tend the ones that they find.
But you are correct: most of the time you see ants ascending plants, even trees, they are doing so to collect honeydew from the various insects that produce it.