Warm Weather Means B100 Time

Warm Weather Means B100 Time
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Our night temperatures are now staying around 50F with highs near 80F. This is ideal weather to switch our VW Beetle back over to our home made biodiesel (B100). I made a batch last week and am doing a final filter before using it this week. The time we have invested into making waste vegetable oil and biodiesel work for us really pays off when diesel is over $4 a gallon.

Here is a video we made last year explaining how we make microbatches of biodiesel in 5 minutes.


asimpleprairielife said...

I love this post and just have one question...you cannot use biodiesel in your car when it is below a certain temperature or is that just for making the biodiesel because it sets out 3-4 days?

Mikey Sklar said...

Both diesel and biodiesel fuels gel at fairly common winter temperatures. We choose not to run biodiesel in the winter as we go below freezing every night and the fuel would gel in the tank and fuel hoses.

When making biodiesel I like to do it in warm weather. The fuel is supposed to be 132F before adding the methoxide. These temperatures are difficult to achieve when the weather is cold out.