Pen Pals Junk & Romance

My friend Blanka is one of five or six people that I pen pal with. I don't mean email, I mean longhand. We write snail mail letters to one another regularly. Blanka is particularly colorful and you can see this by what she sends me, bright and bold and of late in Greek. She moved to Greece last year. Much of what she sends she herself can not read, she doesn't speak Greek. I love her packages so much that I have a wire in my home that runs from one end of the window to the other. I adorn it with the contents of her packages, each odd piece attached to it with a clothes pin. It's in the kitchen where I see it often. It's an ever changing collage that reminds me of friends. This mailing came in a juice box cleaned out and taped shut.

It's romantic. One can experience romance with platonic friends. I know this because I do. That's how I feel about all the friends that I pen pal with. We are engaged in magic, courting, love. Over time we have all taken to the habit of adorning our packages with stickers, drawings. Mail is cheap. No matter the economy, .44 can get you to Greece. We proudly stuff them with whatever catches our eye on route to writing the next time we do. Yeah, it's garbage, sort of. But imbued with meaning and scribbled on with the thoughts of a friend. . .  suddenly the junk is irreplaceable, precious, priceless.


brobry said...

a beautiful expression of the range of human emotion - i wish more people understood the complexity of human relationships and how deep and varied they can be.

making_sweet_music said...

This is a beautiful thing. It has been a very long while since I received a letter. I always enjoyed creating special mail for friends and family. I miss it.

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

making sweet music, what's your address?
send it to me at wendy(at sign)gaiatreehouse.com