Kombucha Reviewed

We've been making and drinking kombucha for a couple of years. Our mother has stayed healthy and we've passed on dozens of daughters. We're both convinced that one of the reasons we have been so healthy is because we drink kombucha and eat lacto fermented kimche regularly.

A quick review: 
Mother stores in glass jar with cotton fiber lid tied with string. She needs to breathe.
She steeps at room temp in a tea brew (any tea, must have some black tea in the mix) plus 1 cup of white sugar per gallon water (minimum). Our favorite staple is black orange tea.
Fermentation time: 10 to 14 days. Longer if you wish to make vinegar.
We produce 4 wine bottles full per week.

Process for starting anew and bottling each week: 
Start with a glass bowl, strainer, funnel, sweetened tea (made in advance and cooled), empty bottles
Be sure all are very clean. Wash your hands 2X.

1) Move mother and throw or give away any newly produced and unwanted daughters. Store her temporarily in a clean glass bowl.
Using a funnel pour the tea into bottles. Optional strain here, depends on if you like drinking the kombucha 'boogers'
Clean bowls that your mother lives in to ready them for a fresh batch of tea.
Strain tea as you pour it into a large bowl that mother lives in. I do this because I often have tea leaf floating in it.
Cover mother with cotton cloth.



Burkbum said...

I had been brewing kombucha very successfully for several months and then did some traveling, etc., such that the brew went so long that my mothers (had two batches) were about 4" thick and the brew looked like it wasn't doing much any more... I was concerned so pitched it all in the compost and started anew. In your experience, do you think that mother could have been rescued? Was it dead? Could I have taken a submerged "daughter" and just gone with a new batch? Just curious... :)

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

My understanding is that unless you have mold your mother is good. now of course if you deprive her of oxygen for too long or sugar for that matter ya, that'll kill her too. but you didnt, you just made vinegar. so i am going to guess that your mother was fine even if she got big and produced lots of daughters.