Easy Tomato Towers

Sometimes I forget how little I knew when I started this homesteading lifestyle 5 years ago. On that note I'm going to post the details of making tomato towers including the tools needed.

We keep a couple of rolls of 4" re-mesh around as it comes in handy and not just in the garden. This is what I used to make the tower, tomato plants love to climb it. I cut it to size with a smallish bolt cutter, a tool everyone should have. And then I tied them together with their own metal extensions and with a bit of bailing wire, anther item a homestead can not live without. I used to say, after a few years of building at Burning Man, "I can build a temporary city out of zip ties." And I did. Now I say, "I can build a homestead of out bailing wire." And I do.

A final note, use the bolt cutters to remove the bottom ring of metal so you are left with spikes. These go into the earth so that the tower has a base of support and does not fall over.

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