YUM! Bean Mix as Pasta Alternative

A friend gave me a partial bag of a Trader Joe's bean mix to try: small garbanzo, quinoa, orzo, and an Israeli bean. I thought I'd try it out as an alternative to pasta since the protein count is much higher. I'm also seeking ways to get into healthier grains. I made up this dish which - holy wow - is totally awesome. Here is is:

Bean Mix (trader joe's or your own)
Broccoli Rabe
Mushroom of your choice
Butter few pats
Shallots half cup
Garlic 6 cloves
Milk 1/2 cup
Blue Cheese 2 tbs
Romano 2 tbs
Fresh black pepper

Start by making bean mix (boil water, add beans, simmer 15 min)

In a frying pan or skillet cook chopped broccoli rabe in 5 cloves of garlic, set aside.

In a frying pan cook down shallots in a pat of butter. When they become transparent add fresh ground pepper, tarragon, a dash of nutmeg and sliced mushrooms of your choice. Turn heat to high and deglaze with cooking sherry. Continue at high heat until mushrooms start to appear dry. Set aside with the broccoli rabe.

In a frying pan melt a pat of buttter. Add a half cup of whole milk turn heat to high. Let this bubble down and thicken and then add two tablespoons of crumbles of blue cheese and two of romano. Cook down till thick and dump in bean mix. Stir well.

To serve put the rabe and mushroom mix on top of the bean mix. Don't blend. The strength of the dish is how different the parts are. Enjoy!

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