Cont. . Homesteading, How Is It Defined?

A short while back I asked you the question, "What is homesteading?" many Holy Scrap blog readers send in thoughtful replies with definitions and these can be read on the original post. Oddly since that post the fiasco around trademarking the words "urban homestead" hit the news. I think we all agree that trademarking this phrase is not something we'd consider symbolic of the homesteader ethic. Nonetheless, I'm back to share my own definition now that I've had some time to consider it. Here goes. . .

Homesteading: A lifestyle in which one lives symbiotically with the earth. Homesteaders grow their food and make their own goods. To do so they willingly participate in a life of labor. Because they participate in life as "makers of things" they appreciate goods as they know the labor and intention imbed in them (the value) as well as the cost to the earth. The homesteader knows value outside of money. Naturally this leads them to produce little waste. They also know nature's natural condition is abundance as this is something they witness first hand day to day. Knowing their reliance on the earth the homesteader seeks to perpetuate the earth's wellness and not drain it of it's resources. The homesteader's proximity and willing codependence with the earth gives rise to natural bond between person and earth and this appreciation fosters a deep experience of nature's knowledge.

How'd I do?


Laura Anne said...

I believe your definition is Webster worthy.

LizM said...

Hey Wendy!
As requested here's my response to the conflict:


I really hope good things come out of it!

I so enjoy your blog!