Conserve Energy with a Converted Chest Freezer

Refrigerators use more energy than any other appliance in a household. The US has over 200 million refrigerators running at this time. The temperature controller that I designed combined with a chest freezer will out perform any energy star refrigerator by a factor of 2 per cubic foot. Shrinking the size of the chest freezer will increase efficiency even further. In our case we switched from a upright energy star refrigerator to a small chest freezer and reduced our refrigerator energy usage by a factor of 8.

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chasterus said...

THANK YOU! I live off-grid as well and have been searching high and low for greater efficiency in refrigeration. Your solution is saving me hours/days of time (not to mention many hundreds of precious kilowatt-hours...)

Rick Ostrander said...

I just posted an article about chest freezer conversions over at EZine Articles, under the title "Money-saving kitchen tip: turn an old chest freezer into a high-efficiency refrigerator." It links to HSHS and promotes your invention. Hope it helps. Happy Thanksgiving! Rick, TaylorSprings.blogspot.com

Gretchen Elsner said...

Got it! Thanks!!!

Littlefoot said...

Hope you can get comments from older blog posts..but I have a question.

What sort of energy demand would a smaller, say 5CF "new", chest freezer conversion to frig, have with one of these devices?

Looking for a very low energy usage frig for an off grid cabin in far west TX.
Would this set be better than a Sundanzer 12V DC powered frig?

Thanks and we check your blog daily...very informative.

Mikey Sklar said...

@littlefoot: Good questions.

The 5CF sundanzer retails for $1150 which is $1,000 more than a ordinary chest freezer. It's draw is about 1/3rd of what a converted chest freezer will draw which is impressive.

Personally I would still go with a converted chest freezer because the compressors on any modern freezer tend to die within 5-10 years. This means you will be regularly replacing the units so a expensive one will not have time to pay for itself.