Road Trip Notes: Polite Portland

Another short run delivered us to Portland. While Portland was the one city we most wanted to check out, it was impossible to do so. The crash pads we prearranged fell through and all the hotels were booked solid! We interpreted this big "no" as a reason to stop in for lunch and move on to a city not even in our original plans, Hood River.

Our entire trip we relied on YELP with pretty good results. And in Portland we were rightly guided to Pok Pok, a thai restaurant in the south east quadrant of the city. Here we got a great belly full, I picked up some parts for my bicycle and Sesame got more practice wearing her service dog vest which is an excellent item to travel with for moments when you just need to bring that dog with you. On route we visited lush water falls and lovely landscapes.

Once again it seems my foreign license plate set me up for road disaster, aka another ticket. While in a traffic circle I needed to change lanes, and though given way by the drivers behind me the cop found the move less than forgivable. Unlike Berkeley however, the cop made mention that since we were "guests" I could write an explanation and he would approve it for dismissal and no fee would apply. Suddenly I could see the stark contrast of Berkeley, home of the truly poor because they had wealth but did not know it. Portland, a relatively poor city that felt being polite was an important nicety. In my view the Portland community had far more wealth even if it could not be measured.

I found it remarkable to consider this trip was made in our VW Beetle TDI using hyper-miling and getting 50 miles per gallon so that we could go to Portland and back consuming less than $200.00 in fuel, yet with tickets the trip could easily be over $1000.00. Hummmm....

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David DAwdy said...

Oh, no, you didn't go through portland without seeing my daughter and a mutual crash bedroom awauited you at Sharias....yikes, I was following your canning exploits and then nothing then you are gone....

oh, well, maybe another time!

Love to you both! Love your adventure