FAIL : Popcorn Sprouts

FAIL : Popcorn Sprouts
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I bought a 25 lb. bag of organic popcorn last summer. The seeds have dried out to the point that the popcorn no longer pops. When this occurs people call the kernels old maids. I tried sprouting them since my attempts to rehydrate the kernels over night also failed. Sprouting sort of worked. I did get little green shoots, but there was a awful vinegar like smell coming from the sprouts after just a few days that made me toss the batch. Now I'm looking at the remaining 10 lbs of popcorn kernels and wondering what to do with them. These might just be compost.


Christopher Weeks said...

Can you grind it?

Heather said...

Chickens might like them.

Joel said...

It might not be considered gourmet, but some people use corn as an adjunct to brew beer. It seems you need malt with good enzyme activity for this to work properly, but you're left with a less-malty-tasting beer overall.

Knowing that they sprout, you might also plant them as a wet-season cover crop, to get a boost of biomass. Similarly, you could plant them in conjunction with pit composting, to prevent nutrients from leaching out and to help add carbon (in the form of root hair exudates) if you've buried something particularly stinky.

jared said...

try adding a capfull of hydrogen peroxide to the water when you soak them