Separating Honey From Wax

Yesterday we sat our honey comb in a strainer over a pot. It drained and gave us a full quart of honey (from one frame). Today we took the wax combs that remained (which still had some but much less honey) and pressed them in a potato ricer to get the last bits of honey from them. We just thought it looked like it might work, and it did. We then placed the remaining wax back outside near the hive so the bees would clean it off.

The final stage in separating honey and wax will be when the bees are finished.

I will then boil the wax in water to separate it one last time before using the wax in a salve.

All in all I'm surprised at how easy this is. It's more fun than I could have imagined too. You just cant do it without consuming large amounts of delicious honey.Keeping your fingers out of your mouth is just about impossible.


wexzone said...

you can also clean the wax in your solar oven. Just set up a fine sieve over a bowl, put the wax in the sieve, and in a few hours, it will drain down into the bowl. Super easy. I have literally done tons of combs this way.

Starsquid said...

Regrettably I could keep my fingers out of my mouth... I can't stand the stuff. I find it far too sweet for me.

I will put honey in prepared foods, but I wouldn't eat it by itself, I'd get nauseous from the sweetness

Killbox said...

My dad had two hives when i was a kid, I remember waffles, with just a bit of comb patted ontop. The wax melted like butter, and the honey was like syrup, not sure how healthy the wax is for you, (probably passes directly through) kinda want to try that again. Good thing i know a few beekeeps.