Loofa Drying

PIcked the first loofa today. Click the title line for a great harvesting how to. The lovely but small batch of grapes you see here are this years harvest. Sigh..... next year Im going to move them, perhaps even start over. The big yellow/green fruit is either a squash or a mellon... I'll let you know. It could be a hybrid. No matter how I try they always seem to sneak into my garden. Sometimes they're really yummy!


yarrow said...

the yellow-green fruit looks to me like a casava melon. we grew them this year and they are delicious! and a good producer, better than watermelons so far. :)

Starsquid said...

The grapes may need moving if you feel they didn't get what they needed where they are now, but also you should remember a newly planted fruit tree, bush or vine will take a few years to start producing a decent sized crop. The first year or two will be disappointing pretty much by definition.