Fridge / Fermentation Controller...Board Layout

Fridge Controller - Schematic Done...Layout Begun
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I've finally put the finishing touches on the schematic and have started the circuit board layout. My fridge / fermentation kit is getting closer every day.

Fermentation / Fridge Controller Board Layout Started #2


David DAwdy said...

Thanks Mikey, installed it on dorm sized refrigerator, mounted a light bulb and now ready for first batch f tempeh when stayer arrives.

You guys willing to batch together your recipes in one pdf and make them available; ie, cheese, combucha,tempeh,yogurt, etc?

Mikey Sklar said...

@David No PDF in the plans, but Wendy's upcoming book will include all of our favorite recipes including the examples you listed.

Good luck with the tempeh. I've made three batches so far. Two were excellent and one was a little off, but still edible.

David DAwdy said...

Hey, Mikey,
I'm going big time. the farm CSA need a cooler for the veges. I got a grant for 1500, and donated labor. I've got a freezer compresser, and the radiator-fan unit. We're building the insullated box. Here's the question: Will the temp controller turn on and off 220v versus 110?

To fun and a healthy planet!

Mikey Sklar said...


The temperature controller can handle 220VAC up to 8A.

The wiring is a little more complicated since it is designed for a 120VAC NEMA-5-15 plug. You will probably be using a 220VAC NEMA-6-15 plug.

For the application of building a cool room for produce you might want to simply use a $40 thermostat.

dave whitman said...

Hi Mikey,
Have you ever thought of repurposing a PC as a temperature controller? I have an idea that you could use the microphone input as an A/D converter for the temp. sensor and use the parallel port to control a relay. Of course it would use a lot more power than YATC, but you can get old PCs for free and it would be easy to do data logging. Dave Siberia