Word on the Street in NO's Oil in the Air

I've been reading more than is emotionally comfortable about the BP oil spill, after all we ought be uncomfortable. But when I got an email from a very good friend, a native to New Orleans, describing the details in the daily life it shook me more than even the gruesome pictures.

He wrote this morning, "It is hot as can be and now we are all breathing chemicals from the dispersants that they are using as well as all of the poisonous carbon by products from the oil they are burning in the gulf. We are getting itchy eyes, rashes, respiratory problems. It is going to be a rough summer, even by New Orleans standards. Let's pray we don't get any hurricanes."

Photo Credit: Andrei Molodkin, Iraqi crude oil in the form of Democracy, 2005

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Chemical Exposure Limits That BP Cites Are ‘Not Safe,’ Gov’t Official Says:
OSHA’s David Michaels said that his own agency’s chemical exposure limits, which BP has continually cited in its assurances about worker safety, are so “outrageously out of date” that no one should be citing them as evidence of safety.