How to Piss Off the Aphids

How to Piss Off the Aphids
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We have successfully been using this blended mixture of limes, chili peppers and garlic to hold back the aphids. At the moment our comfry is under attack so Wendy asked me to blend up a batch to remove the black aphids that have moved in.

How to Piss Off the Aphids #2


Starsquid said...

Interesting idea, I'd like to know how it works.

kristaandjess said...

How much do you use of each ingredient? Do you just blend it up and strain it? Can you substitute other kinds of citrus? I need this!

Mikey Sklar said...

I used 4 small pieces of garlic, 5 red chilli peppers and three old limes (skins and all). There was some water added just to make it all blend. I don't think the quantities are that important. Other kinds of citrus should be fine.