Busy busy, the bees are coming!

Today we set up an area to house the new lives that are moving in with us tomorrow - a hive of bees! We're excited.

In preparation we leveled some ground between two small young trees in a location where the hive will be protected from west sun, set up a table for the hive and reviewed our bee books and gear. We've been following the good advice of Kim Flottium via her book The Backyard Beekeeper published on Flottum an imprint of Quarry. I like this publisher because they are publishing for "the artisan" and they offer a variety of DIY titles.

I sure hope the bees like it here! I've been practicing my bee zen mindedness each day in the garden. When bees show up to pollinate the flowers I get in there and pick holy basil that I later dry. This has gotten me used to working amongst them and having them all around me which I totally enjoy.

In honor of the positively extraordinary work that bees do and the fantastic gift they give (honey, the best preserve ever; pollination, propolis and wax to name a few) I put together a little shrine that I mounted over where the hive will be lest we forget how grateful we are for all they do.


Joe said...

You should checkout the backwards beekeepers blog and I like their motto of "Backwards is the new forwards" http://beehuman.blogspot.com/

Basically let the bees be bees and don't try to change them into a honey producing machine.

Starsquid said...

Yesterday a little wild honey bee, with little yellow pollen baskets on her legs got stuck inside my porch door somehow, so I managed to cup my hands around her and escort her outside without being stung, to let her get on with things.

Took off heading northwest, happy to have escaped the screened window.

Cheers to the bees everywhere, even if I'm always twitchy when they're around.