Apricots : You Can't Win Them All

Apricots : You Can't Win Them All
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Occasionally I get this crazy idea that we should have all perennials in the yard. No more seedling nonsense, let's just put in stuff once and forget it. I'm glad we never tried that. Our fruit trees are showing their complete lack of abundance this year. We are looking to get less than a half dozen apricots off of a pair of 3 year old trees. Even our massive peach tree will probably yield less than 20 peaches. Wendy and I both cried when one of our only two pears fell off in a wind storm last week. We had a tough spring with high winds and late freezes. Let's hope the annuals even things out.


Starsquid said...

Man that sucks.

On the positive side of the issue, the energy normally going to fruit will go into the tree's reserves, so it should produce very well next year.

gigi said...

Hang in there!!!! The trees takes up to 5 years or more to produce abundantly.... my plum is 3 years old w/ 1 plum. I have 3 peach trees, also 3 yrs old with 12, 3 and zero fruit on them ripening..... It takes years to establish an orchard, sadly we were raised with microwaves and instant oatmeal!! The fruit will taste that much better when it comes delivered on a platter of patience learned!

nancy said...

At 3 years they're still pretty young. Also apricot harvests are largely dependent on the weather. If it freezes at the wrong time--no crop at all.