Wallet Made From Hard Drive Platters


Last week I dropped my wallet. While awaiting my replacement identification and bank cards to arrive I’d time to deliberate on my new wallet. In brunch this morning Wendy and I spoke that a DIY money clip. Hmm, perhaps I could do so with old and magnets circuit boards? I took apart a dead hard disk which I had dumpster dived a year ago originally for the magnets, but I couldn’t take my eyes from the platters. The magnet would only be difficulty with my ATM card magnetic strips in addition to sticking with everything else about. Employing a rivet gun I managed to swiftly stick two car keys along with my AAA card into the platters. It’s still somewhat embarrassing, but I dig the weight to power ratio of the aluminum plates. Additionally, it makes for a nice mirror at a pinch. It is tempting to use a coin cell battery and creep a tiny LED in.

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