Auger: the very best way to dig

I LOVE this auger. It's not mine but I borrow it a lot. For digging holes there is no better tool. It's basically a huge drill with a 5/8" bit, totally bad ass. It busts through the 10" layer of hard clay that our property has. Now you can rip your arm off with it so you have to be very aware while working it. Here I'm using it to plant three new trees by our new hot tub: a weeping willow, a eucalyptus and a dwarf cherry tree. I have several more to do but three takes all of my strength working at my max. A day of rest and perhaps I can think about drilling another few.


Starsquid said...

Weeping willows have thirsty roots and are determined enough to get into pipes. Better place the willow away from known buried drinking water and sewage drain pipes, just to be on the safe side.

jhand said...

Hey guys... hello from Missouri again. Check this out for your hot tub adventures... it would work really well in the winter time.


I'm sure that you can come up with your own version.