Apple Picking

Apple Picking
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I've been bugging my neighbor Brett for some apple cider. After driving out to his place I learned that he has a lot of apples, but not an apple press. We went ahead and harvested 20lbs or so anyway. I will just juice them at home or take them to a the press fest on Sunday in the nearby town of Las Palomas. Does anyone know the difference between juicing a apple and pressing it?


TmmTx said...

Juicing generally means using a mechanical implement to extract the juice and can heat the juice up, it also implies a level of filtration. Pressing the apple uses the whole apple, almost no heating of the juice and little to no filtration. Ciders are genenerally pressed and apple juice is mechanically obtained.

Libby: said...

You definitely get a very different product when you use a juicer. You don't get that rich, musky cider taste. I'd press them if at all possible.

stonemaven said...

Mother Earth News had a cider set-up that used a clean, working garbage disposal to grind the apples, a perforated 5 gallon bucket and a 2 ton hydraulic jack with a wood follower for the press. It looked very economical to make and run.