What's New in the Garden

A few random updates. . . we just discovered that there are small watermelons all over the place! Yay! The bright pink flower was a gift, the only thing on our property when we bought it that was not a goat head (horrible weed with spikes). I've since saved seed and I now grow it in patches. It's called globe amaranth. And there's mikey with the century plant stalk we harvested yesterday. He wanted to kill me when I dragged him out to help me harvest it and he saw that it was almost 20 feet long and weighed a ton. But I think the effort was worth it! We're drying it out on saw horses and then will safely erect by my porch where we need some shade. These are like New Mexican holiday trees, garnished with lights and garland around the holidays.

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Patricio Paterson said...

And, when you get tired of using the century plant stalk as a shade umbrella by your deck, you can make one or more didgeridoos out of it.

That's what my didgeridoo is made out of, though not made by me. Sounds great when played by a pro; sounds terrible when played by me.

And, when you tire of the natural stalk color, it can also become a fun canvas for some creative painting, ala barber pole.