Sesame's Beds

Sesame's Beds
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Walking around the yard I noticed that Sesame has "constructed" several sleeping areas for herself. First it was the clay pile during the cooler spring weather. I suppose the clay could radiate enough heat to keep her comfortable all night. As the weather warmed up she made a new bed in the papercrete and recently I found one in the shade behind our sand piles. She really does a good job of clearing out the materials to make room for herself. BTW, she rarely sleeps outside.

Sesame's Beds #2 Sesame's Beds #3


Chris said...

Awww, she's(??) so cute! What kind of dog is she? This post reminds me of my cats ability to find the best napping spot.

Mikey Sklar said...

She is some sort of desert dog mix. I think red heeler with a lot of dingo based on what I've seen of her family and heard from the shelter.