Preserving Tomatoes

I'm getting the hang of it! This is my second round and we're now amassing a stock of tomato sauce to get us through the winter. Yahoo! It is time consuming and messy but rewarding. I followed most of the rules: sterilized the jars and lids, hot bath (low boil) 50 minutes, but I did forget to add lemon/lime juice and salt which I understand insures a good preserve. Fingers crossed!


Laura said...

Awesome! Yay for canning. I have not yet taken the hot bath plunge. ;)

Total arm-chair canners perspective:
I understand that canning tomatoes is the more safe of the veggies to can because they are high in acidity. Green beans on the other hand get botulism very easily and would be a tougher veg to can with success.
That acid that you (didn't) add is insurance that the bad bugs don't grow. You may very well be safe without it.
Botulism is a scary thing though and small doses can do you in, as far as I know. I would say DON'T shake the contents before you open it to eat. Really inspect the lid and the top layer of sauce for any ickyness.
I'm a "when in doubt throw it out" kind of gal. YMMV. ;)

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

thanks laura! i'm in the same club, the when in doubt throw it out club. we'll keep an eye on it and hope for the best!
do you know, when you do use lemon/salt, how much to use?

Laura said...

I don't know specific measurements, no. :/ I have never canned anything myself. I would love to try it though. :D

Barbara Kingsolvers recipe in Animal Vegetable Miracle seems really good. She is pretty adimant about adding acid it seems. But then again she may be doing a little cya to make sure no one comes after her if they get sick.


ryanne hodson said...

yeah for canning tomatoes. you'll be so happy in the winter. jay makes a mean tomato soup with just simmered (for hours) canned tomatoes and raw milk. to die for.