Welcome to Team Sprouting

Welcome to Team Sprouting
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After about a week of sprouting lentils we sat down to a pair of messy breakfast bagels and sprouts. I also like red onion, capers and tomato (SF style) on my bagels. The lentil sprouts were pretty tasty and I felt like I had a lot of energy today (perhaps unrelated). Maybe next we will sprout some of our other bulk foods. Almonds, chick peas, sun flower seeds, garlic....so much to try. The strawberry trays worked well. I sprouted in a east facing window with three rinses a day.

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Amelia Ameliorate said...

I have to say sprouted foods definitely contribute to your overall feeling of energy! I'm a lazy homesteader making due in a warehouse and live by these small things :) I love your blog...keep up the inspiring work :)