Make Your Own Butter

Make Your Own Butter
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Have you ever made butter? It is surprisingly simple. Shake up 2 cups of heavy cream in a 4 cup mason jar. We shook for 6 minutes and did not get any buttermilk just butter. Refridgerate.
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Annika said...

Isn't it great? You will get buttermilk if you let the cream sit out for several hours to come to room temperature. Once it separates, pour the buttermilk off and rinse the butter in cold water (it lasts longer if you do this, though honestly mine has never lasted more than two days anyway).

Lyanda said...

We do this with our ten year old daughter once a week--it takes about two Eddie Vedder songs worth of jar-shaking to get butter (it seems to go a little faster if you put a marble in the jar). We try to make butter when Claire has a friend over, as they are always duly impressed, and pass on the idea to their parents. Then we use the buttermilk for pancakes or cornbread. SO fun!