Bustin Out the Reflectix

Bustin Out the Reflectix
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Somewhere between visiting Burningman and moving to New Mexico I was exposed to double bubble reflectix. The stuff has become essential to life for us. We use it in our windows, curtains, cars, and now the guest room dome. We saved about 50% by purchasing it on ebay instead of locally. We simply tie it to our remesh and pour glass inbetween. This should give us a little bit of insulation around the glass so that we don't have a issue with the glass acting as a thermal mass.
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Alison said...

I love reflectix. My little house here in Portland is poorly insulated, whihc is a hassle in the winter, but a real problem in the summer. I know that compared to where you live it isn't hot here, but we can have weeks of summer temps in the high 90's to 105. I put a layer of reflectix in my windows where the sun is, on the east and west sides of the house, and it lowers the inside temperature at least 10 to 20 degrees. It may look odd, but I don't care.

Jared said...

I follow this blog occasionally and share interesting posts on Google Reader. A friend brought up a question, why do you poor glass in between the reflectix?

Mikey Sklar said...

The glass is for drainage. We get floods during monsoon season and it would be a very bad thing to have standing water around the dome that can be wicked up into the papercrete. Thus the reflectix and glass for the first 20" or so.