Rebar Porch

Rebar Porch
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Wendy and I have cut and welded most of the porch that will be part of our first dome. We tied and welded some of the panels together this morning and are so far happy with how quickly the porch is coming along.
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Christopher Weeks said...

This is a ferrocement/papercrete hybrid, right? What do you do at the bottom of the skeleton to make sure that the steel is all encapsulated? Is there worry about water migration through the papercrete to the rebar and mesh?

Mikey Sklar said...

We will put concrete footers around the rebar that goes in the ground. This will slightly elevate the rebar porch infrastructure avoiding direct contact with the ground. Then we just spray on a rich cement:sand based Papercrete mix over the lath to give the porch a strong surface. We will not be using Papercrete to fill the porch only as a plaster. That protect the rebar from most weather issues that would cause rust. One last precaution is to seal the rebar before lath and plaster. I like the rustoleum product.

Metal does well in the desert. We get less than 9" of rain per year on average.