Frying Your Grease

Frying Your Grease
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I had seen a video with a british man hitting his waste veggie oil with over 1000VAC at a very low current 10 microamps. The glycerin in the grease immediately fell to the bottom of the jar. Thus removing the need for significant amounts of methanol normally used in a transesterification process. I tried to copy this concept by using EL Wire inverts and electrocuting my unfiltered veggie oil. Sadly I did not get the same effect. I believe the standard EL Wire inverter is too low in voltage at only about 600VAC and rather high in current at about 20mA.


Nat said...

Try a surplus neon sign power supply, Mikey. I've bought them for ~$20, and they are at least 12,000 VAC. Not sure about the amperage, but probably has to be fairly low given it comes from 120 VAC/20 Amps. Hmmm, 120 V * 20 A = 12000 V * .2 A, so 200 milliAmps I suppose, though probably less given conversion inefficiencies and the AC power law being more complicated in reality.

Would this mean you could run in in a non-converted diesel car?

Mikey Sklar said...

I have a old neon transformer I was tempted to try. I was a little worried about having arc'ing from the high voltage and not enough space to separate the leads. Another greaser wrote me that he had tried the same thing at 10,000V and low current and had no luck either. I guess the video I saw was a mix of biodiesel and not just straight waste veggie oil. I bet a little alcohol of some form would help.

A non-converted car diesel can generally run on straight veggie oil for a little while. The problem is various things will break if the oil is not being heated and filtered. Just removing the glycerin is not enough. You still have to convert the vehicle by adding heating and filtering the veggie oil or else you risk severely damaging the vehicle.