Flea Beetles

Flea Beetles
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Wendy noticed that two of our plants were completely destroyed recently by some local pest. The other day I picked up a sample a half dozen little dark bugs crawling on our vegetables. After taking some photos we figured out that we have "flea beetles". There are different types of beetles for different plants. They will eat the plants leaves and eventually kill the plant. Now we are figuring out how to remove them.


Nat said...

Try Neem if you can find it (ethanol extraction sprayed on plants) or tobacco used the same way ( a little more local). Maybe you can plant some companion plants around the infected plants like marigold or tobacco. Marigold will be prettier and you can eat the flowers and use it on yourself as insect repellent.

That new fruit you have looks pretty squashy to me!

Mikey Sklar said...

thanks nat.

it has also been suggested to us to plant garlic.

we have found taking plain old packing tape and laying it in the garden bed around the plants is VERY effective.

i have also been warned to check the underside of the leaves for eggs.