A New Grow Light

A New Grow Light
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I just completed a 40W LED grow light. This one is about 2,200 lumens and uses a old apple laptop power supply that had a damaged plug. The most painful thing about making these lights is first power on. I keep blinding myself.


Nat said...

Oooh, prettttyyyyy collllors!

Looks awesome, Mikey! How can I get this to everyone I know so we can bring those LED prices down?

Mikey Sklar said...

The LED prices are really not that bad. I am averaging about $5 per LED and selling them assembled for $9 a watt. That includes metal pan, power supply, and the rest of the cables, glue, soldering, and time.

There are a few ways we could get the prices down in the short term.

1. Buy in with several people to get quantities over a 1000. That might save $0.50 a LED. Over 10,000 units at a time can help a lot more.

2. Make a custom metal circuit board that can be printed in mass and ditch the little metal plates. Paying $1.50 per LED for the metal heat sink plates adds up.

Combining the quantity of LED over 1000 and removing the metal heat sink plates would save $2.00 per Cree LED bringing the price down to $3.00 per Cree on average.