Better Living Through Experimentation

Wendy and I have been preparing for our waste event this April. Here is the latest flyer.


jonathan goldstein said...

Great to catch up on what you guys are up to. Looks like it's coming along!

LiveWorkDream said...

Wendy, I met you the other day when you dropped off the flier at Riverbend (I was working the desk)/ Didn't know it was you who've I heard so much about lately.

I wish we could be there for this event, but we're going to Santa Fe that day. Is there another way that Jim and I can meet you two and see the compound? A friend in Austin says good things about what you're doing, and so does Jake over here at the springs.

Drop us a line when you have a free minute and let us know if you'd like to hook up, we'd love to meet ya!

-Jim & Rene