Make Paint from Cactus Juice and Lime

Enlightening video explaining how we make paint from prickly pear cactus and lime. Includes using brown umber oxide for earthen coloring. We paint our ferrocement / papercrete PV battery dome.


Julie said...

I am going to make a ferrocement self-irrigating planter. Do you have any advice on how logistically it should go together (what kind of wire mesh do I use, how many layers, what kind of mix for the cement, etc, etc)?

Mikey Sklar said...

I usually use expanded metal lath. The lightweight stuff that has 3/4" diamond spacing and should cost less than $7 per 8' x 28" sheet.

We use a laminated ferrocement technique which is usually a layer of lath, a layer of cementer mortar, a layer of lath and a layer of cement mortar. This creates a extremely strong / load bearing structure.

I like to make a jig out of wood and line it with garbage bags to hold the form.

The mix will be one of portland cement and sand. You can do a 1:1 by weight. I usually mix in 5 gallon buckets so 20lbs cement, 20lbs sand and 1 gallon of water makes a reasonable mortar.


You have some cold weather up there so keep it covered and misted for up to three weeks if you can wait that long.