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After we made 45 gallons of paint in about two hours I got to work adding lime to each bucket of prickly pear. I found that a minimum of six cups of lime per bucket was required. Less than that and you run the risk of the prickly rotting. It was about 25lbs worth of lime or a whole $5 in materials to make about $900 of paint that acts as a roofing sealer. Thie prickly pear is probably the most profitable building material we have discovered while working on the Green Acre

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GreenDigitalist said...

This is the COOLEST thing! I have a use in mind for this, re-doing a trailer similar to yours....

The one thing...I wonder if the pulp and spines couldn't be fed to some livestock? Not sure which, because I believe the "spineless" prickly pears were bred specifically as cattle feed. Or compost, though it might still smell at first?