Killer Pizza

Killer Pizza
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Wendy and I made a vegan pizza the other day that was amazing. It was so good we almost made it again today. It takes a good two hours since we use a bread machine for the crust.


Paul Grant (follower of Basho) said...

how did you make the crust? Anything special or unusual?

Papercreters said...

I have a great tip that will save you a lot of time when making pizza. I use a bread machine a lot myself.

The trick is to plan ahead. When I make a loaf of bread I put in extra ingredients. My bread machine can mix and knead about 1 1/2 times as much dough as is required to make a full loaf of bread.

It is a simple matter to set a timer to go off as soon as the kneading cycle is complete. I immediately use an oiled hand and remove a third of the dough and put it in an oiled bowl (not plastic because it absorbs the oil). I then put a lid on that bowl and put it in the fridge. When pulling the dough out, be certain to hold the bread case firmly down in the bread machine. My machine will reset if the case is jostled out far enough to release the sensor switch.

The dough will rise very very slowly in the fridge, which is good.

The day I make the dough, I usually have sandwiches as a meal from the bread that comes out of the bread machine.

Sometime over the next 3 or 4 days I pull that dough out of the fridge and make a pizza with it.

It is SUCH a time saver. You only clean the bread machine once. The dough is already kneaded and risen.

If you really want to speed things along make big batches of pizza sauce. Can or freeze them in pizza sized portions. They will microwave thaw quickly.

I keep plenty of bags of frozen toppings already chopped in the freezer. (try sweet corn, it's surprisingly good on pizza). Whenever I chop veggies I chop large batches and bag 'em for easy use on other days.

Any toppings that require pre-cooking are treated the same way. When I find shrooms I often saute massive batches so that I can bag and freeze 'em. They're great to add to anything on the fly.

Even onions can be prechopped. I put chopped fresh onion in an old Glass Pickle jar and seal it. That keeps onion funk from permeating everything in the freezer. (bagging is insufficient) Use a butter knife like an icepick to chisel the onion block into chunks again. Once it is broken up it will stay chunkyized in the jar nicely.

Pizza assembly goes quick because all the prep work is already done when you prepped for other meals.

Enjoy the pizza.