The River is Down Time to Run

One of the signs that summer is coming to a end for us is when the Rio Grande gets turned off. There is not exact date as it is based on the amount of water Texas is allotted. It's bitter sweet losing our rope swing and tubing trips, but at the same time we can easily cross the low river to reach our favorite running spots. Today was a 4.5 mile out and back up the mountain. We only saw one rattle snake in the middle of the trail.


Sesame Says OK to Fancy

Our home base is Truth or Consequences, NM a place most known for having just about nothing to it: one grocery store (until Walmart showed up), one traffic light (again until Walmart showed up), a couple of restaurants, one coffee shop, occasional yoga class, one movie theater, you get the idea. This sparse living is entirely the charm. Once you live with just the raw elements, and your discover your happy, a certain invincibility follows. Maybe depth is a better word. Of course there are things I miss that this little dust ball town ain't got. What I miss most is grandeur, old buildings and public space, things like libraries and venues with history built when masonry was still practiced and artisans participated in the making of a thing. In Santa Fe Mikey could hardly get me out of the St. Francis hotel for exactly these reasons. The hotel is old, beautiful, treasured and they welcome the pubic to enjoy it. Outside we sipped sangria on couches and people watched from their porch, then we slid into a public living room (see pic) and took in the lovely craftsmanship that the hotel painstakingly cares for. Santa Fe is full of places just like this. Sesame liked St. Francis too. Yes they welcome pups!

Santa Fe on the Cheap

Santa Fe on the Cheap We just returned from a 3 day trip to Santa Fe. We live about 3 hours South so day trips to Santa Fe are out of the question. The challenge for us has been to find inexpensive lodging. This time we camped near Hyde Park which is loaded with awesome $10 a night campsites. There is also a extensive trail network which we only started to explore. Santa Fe has plenty of great restaurants which are reasonably priced Jambo Cafe, Counter Culture, Claufoutis and Shake Foundation to name a few. We also enjoyed just hanging out in the square and having sunset cocktails at Hotel St. Francis. Santa Fe Cheap Trip. Aspen Vista Peak Trail just passed Hyde Park. Santa Fe Cheap Trip. Aspen Vista Peak Trail just passed Hyde Park. Santa Fe Cheap Trip. Aspen Vista Peak Trail just passed Hyde Park. Santa Fe Cheap Trip. Aspen Vista Peak Trail just passed Hyde Park.


In Pie Town - Now You See It Now You Don't

On route to Flagstaff, Az this past weekend Mikey and I stopped in Pie Town, NM where Mikey made a piece of pie disappear at record speed. At the Pie-O-Neer we enjoyed a lovely sweet potato pecan pie. Before leaving the waitress, who by the way was from Brooklyn, suggested that we call her on the way home. "Let us know what kind of pie you'd like and we'll have it ready," she said.

Flagstaff in Summer, Not Bad at All

When it comes down to it most places are hot and rather uncomfortable in August. We've been searching out the few exceptions in our region including Flagstaff, Az. We loved Flatstaff's casual and easy going culture, active street life, and unpretentious life style of getting outside, listening to live folk music and eating. One of Flag's built in treasures is Buffalo park. These photos were taken on a hike quite a bit north of it, on a trail that could be reached by hiking through.

I'm sure glad we fixed our own washing machine last week. While in Flagstaff I kept thinking, I could have paid someone to fix that machine, bought a new one or I could spend my money at great restaurants in Flagstaff which is much more fun! Our favorite three were: Pizzicletta for moderately priced thin crust sliced pizza, Diablo Burger for a seriously local and organic burger paired with local wine in generous portions, and Tinderbox for pricey creative fine dining that's worth every nickel. AZT AZT


Your cars sun shade is a versatile hat

Buffalo Park - Flagstaff, AZ

We really enjoyed running in Buffalo Park. There is a sweet groomed 2 mile loop that connects up to a network of 45 miles of trails. We should have done more research in advance to learn their trail network that links up to Buffalo Park.

Buffalo Park - Flagstaff

AZT - Arizona Trail

AZT - Arizona Trail by mikey and wendy
AZT - Arizona Trail, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

During a buying trip to Flagstaff, AZ this weekend we did our first section hike of the Arizona Trail (AZT). Flagstaff lived up to it's reputation of being a ultrarunner hub. We constantly saw people running around town and through the parks. Even on a weekday the trailhead parking lot was full.


Early Start on this Years Greens

Our August relatively cool which means we can plant our greens early. The only catch is the sun is still strong enough that it can kill our seedlings. I've gone ahead and erected our hoops and covered them with white cotton bed sheets. It amazes me just how fast the seedlings get going. It's been less than 3 days and I see green coming up all over the covered bed. This first bed will be kale, beet, various lettuces and chard. Those are our green juicing staples.


Propagating Mesiphillic Culture

We recently ran out of Mesiphillic culture that we use to make cheese. When we ordered more I decided to immediately set aside a quart of raw milk to inoculate with the new culture and save in the form of ice cubes for future cheese making.

Washing Machine Repair Day

It is no fun losing a day of plans to appliance repair. Our washing machine has not been draining well. It seems to be a common issue for the drain pump to get gunked up and need some TLC to get going again. Wendy and I took apart the washer and cleaned various hoses. We even opened up the drain pump to make sure it was clear. The washer appears to be draining, but still has issues completing a spin cycle on the first pass.


Da Pimp 2 [DP2] Battery Charger Now Shipping

Da Pimp 2 [DP2] Battery Charger Now Shipping

The DP2 is my 2nd generation battery charger, tester and desulfator. It includes some nice features over the previous model such as better fusing, cable connectors, accuracy and adjustable current. This unit is pocket sized, quiet and produces almost no heat. This charger works both on US 110V or internationally on 220V system. This is the charger I use to keep our power tools and deep cycle batteries going. 

Please use the drop down menu to choose between Kit or Assembled unit.
There is a distinction in shipping prices based on your location. Priority Mail Shipping is built into the pricing. Please choose the correct item to avoid additional fees and delays.
  • United States - $5.95
  • Canada - $19.50
  • International (Australia / Europe / etc.) - $23.50


Fermenting Roasted Green Chilis

Our buddy Andy claims that his favorite fermented food is roasted green chilis. I am following his lead and started a batch in salt water with a sprinkle of sugar. My hands were burning after I made the first quart. Special thanks to the internet a for suggesting rubbing alcohol to calm capsicum burned skin.

A Scary Yard Sale

A Scary Yard Sale by mikey and wendy
A Scary Yard Sale, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.
We just had to walk away from this one.


Nothin' A Little Scrubbing Can't Fix: New/Used Vintage Juicer

While staying with Mikey's parents in WA this summer I learned just what there is to love about these old motorized push citrus juicers. You simply hold the fruit down over the cone an it activates the motor which spins and makes a near perfect, fast, and easy cup of juice. I found this sweetie at a yard sale today and picked it up for $1.50. I was covered in dust and dirt, but nothing soap and water and yes even alcohol couldn't fix.

Leggy Desert Friend

Check out this critter that I ran into on a morning run in the desert with Mikey.


Mismatch the Dinner Entree

File this under weird, but good. Low carb black bean pasta with coconut cream, prosciutto and home made parmesan cheese. Sprinkle on some cilantro to extend the strange combo.

Time to Dehydrate

Time to Dehydrate by mikey and wendy
Time to Dehydrate, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

This time of year our dehydrator runs around the clock. I am currently drying out mint, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and tomatoes. Our aversion to canning and limited freezer space requires us to dry and vacuum our summer foods.

August Means Purslane is Ready

This week we have been enjoying juicing the nuisance succulent known as purslane. It is a excellent source of omega-3's and it can be used in salads or soups as a thickener.

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Datora Glore

Datora Glore by mikey and wendy
Datora Glore, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

While running earlier this week I noticed we have a explosion of datura popping up in our area. This is a interesting plant being both a violent hallucinogen and a herbal remedy. Don't mess with it without reading more, but be sure to smell the amazing flowers. Their fragrance is almost narcotic.